What Is Ethylene Oxide

  1. EO sterilization can be used in high temperature, moisture sterilization of items.
  2. The sterilizing effect of the best chemical sterilizing agent that can kill all microorganisms (including bacterial spores).
  3. Penetrating sterilization can be used to of various refractory transparent parts (such as: some smaller, longer catheter), sterilization effect is difficult to achieve with other low temperature sterilization methods only EO or irradiation.
  4. EO kill microorganisms damaged goods, alkylation of principle rather than oxidation process, so the damage is very small items have a very wide range of uses, not heat precision instrument sterilization.
  5. Sterilization with breathable impervious bacteria wrapped with a wrapper, easy to store, transport, and opened the package can be used to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
  6. Chemical, biological monitoring tools can effectively control the sterilization quality, timely discovery sterilization failure of the parcel.
  7. Disinfection methods lower cost, easy to monitor, for the majority of medical grade plastic, longer sterilization cycle to remove the residue.