About Us

The only certify with US FDA contract Ethylene Oxide sterilization facility in Taiwan. Taiwan Advanced Sterilization Technology, Inc., provides the most advanced contract EO sterilization service to medical device, cosmetics, pharmacosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We are here to make sure our customer’s device are safe and have a high quality.

In order to provide a comprehensive range of microbiological and analytical testing services, we gathering different fields of scientists from microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, and regulatory affairs personnel. At the same time, we want out customer’s products can get safe and effective to market as quickly and cost effective as possible. All test methodologies and procedures are executed in strict accordance with ISO, USP, or specific customer supply requirements.

We are here to help our customer’s products reach market as soon as possible, and increase the sterilization quality of the medical device in order to meet international standard. Therefore, we sterilized products with most advanced sterilization technology.

Let AST bring you the Sterile World!